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Lee Mamo

Lee Mamo

Founder and Managing Director

Lee Mamo has worked as a lead recruiter within the systematic research and technology space for nearly 10  years. He spent the first half of his career focusing on the strategic build out of a desk focusing on the North America space. He built up a team of 10 people and focused on developing some exceptional relationships at some of the leaders within the quantitative and technology space.

Lee founded DW Technologies Global LTD in January 2014 and mainly covers North America (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston), London and some parts of Asia. We focus on sourcing exceptional candidates for clients within a number of the leading investment banks, Systematic Research and Technology firms.

Current Openings

Positions: Software Engineers, Quantitative Development, Quantitative Research, Data Scientists, Quant Traders, Portfolio Managers, High Performance Coders, Machine Learning Experts, SRE/DevOps Engineers, Toolchain Engineers, Big Data Analytics Programmers, Hardware Engineers, Scientific Researchers

Programming Languages:  C++, Java, C#, VB.NET, Delphi/Object Pascal.
Scripting Languages: PHP, Awk, Perl, Python, REXX, Ruby, Shell, Tcl
Compilation and Linking tools: GNU toolchain, gcc, Microsoft Visual Studio, CodeWarrior, Xcode, ICC
Functional Programming Tools: Erlang, Haskell, Scala, F#, Lisp, Standard ML, and Clojure.
Big Data Tools: Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Apache HBase, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Couchbase

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